10 Amazing effects of Pranayam on body

To start something new we need motivation and enthusiasm. We get motivation from others who have done something amazing or extraordinary,  for the work we desired to do. Enthusiasm and motivation are the keys to success. Without these keys, we either can't start any work and can't succeed. These keys play an important role in our life. In yoga also we need enthusiasm and motivation to get the start the journey of yoga.

Yoga is Inspiring and motivating people from thousands of years for better health and self-upliftment. Millions have joined and are joining the Yoga for their self-nourishment both physically and mentally. Yoga makes you physically and mentally fit. Yoga is a vast topic. It has many types as well as procedures. We are attracted toward its benefits and the miracle Yoga does. Yoga has the ability to cure all kinds of diseases which are not possible for any others.

At today the craze among the people for the yoga is growing. Yoga teachers are the Inspiring others to do yoga. Many yoga classes are being opened. For kids to senior citizens. Many other free classes are also being organized. What are all doing? They are inspiring people to connect to yoga.

Many think about to join the yoga to be healthy. But most of not able to do start. Because they may have a lack of motivation and enthusiasm. If you are also that who want to start yoga then this post might help you.

Here in this post, to motivate and to enthusiast you to start yoga I am going to share with you 10 amazing benefits or effects of Pranayam on your body. May Pranayam have many other amazing benefits but I am sharing that I have read and know.

Top ten amazing benefits of Pranayam:

1. Pranayam acts as a cleanser for our whole body including both physical and mental

2. Pranayam can keep us younger for a longer time than we expect to be.

3. Pranayam increases our mental and physical powers.

4. Pranayam takes away oversleep and laziness of our body.

5. Pranayam helps us to have complete control of mind and senses.

6. Pranayam helps us to hear the inner sound(music).

7. Pranayam can give us permanent happiness.

8. Pranayam helps us to practice (Brahmacharya ).

9.Pranayam help in Kundalini Jagran.

10. Pranayam takes us to the Spiritual level.

If you are only doing yoga asana you should start pranayama.  Most Pranayamas are easy to do. Like Kapal Bhati, anulom-vilom, udgheet pranayama, bhramari pranayama etc. Even 15 min practice of Pranayam everyday morning is good for both body and mind.  Pranayam keeps the mind calm and which benefit you in being happy. If mind will be calm then the family members will not fight with other.

Pranayama also shines your intellect. Which can help to take the decision quickly. Also, help to have a better and deeper understanding. Which results in the strong and happy relationship. It has unlimited benefits. How much we can its depend on our capability.

Final Review:

Pranayama can help you both physically and mentally. This depends on how much time you can give it and how effectively you practice it. It nourishes the mind, body, and soul. Makes you able to have control over your mind which is one of biggest achievement our life. If we will only talk about the benefits. Then no benefits will come to you. Start pranayama just as soon as you can. Tomorrow is the good day to start.

"Daily practice of Pranayam can change life completely."

Hope you liked it.

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Thanks for reading.

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