15 Important points you should know about Yoga and Pranayama

The starting stage or the beginning stage is not easy most of the time. It is the stage where someone may be so excited, having great desire to do that or maybe not excited. If we feel better at the beginning or get good results then we get inspiration to go ahead with that task. And if we do not feel better then there is a strong chance that we may quit. So when we do any task first we need to know that whether we are ready for that or not. Or are we actually going in the correct way? These are the things that I and you may forget sometimes.

The discussion we did above is important in order to get better results if you a beginner or thinking about to start yoga. So in this, I will share with you some important headlines that will help you to start Yoga and Pranayama (yoga journey) safer and better. I am want to tell you that this post is helpful for those who are not having the facility of a yoga teacher or an instructor. Or those who want to do on their own like me.  Before we look ahead I want to share with you my experience. When I was the at the beginning it was difficult for me to do the certain poses, pranayama, and kriyas with the instructions I heard and got. It was an annoying experience.  But later after clear understanding all the important things and practice, the results were  amazing

But I don't want that you feel annoying like I felt. For that, you need to clear your mind with the right understanding. Really Yoga is not easy to start but also not hard. But the right method is required. Yoga may be a fun for the kids. As their body is fresh and flexible.  Let look at these points.

15 Points to start Yoga journey smoothly and happily without being annoying or distract.

If you don't want to read all the points, no problem you can only read the points highlighted by blue color.
1. Do Yogasans and Pranayam in the morning after you get fresh. The stomach should be cleaned completely.

2.(i) It's much better to do yoga after a shower.

(ii)If you also decide to do Pranayam, then you absolutely need to get a shower before.

3.(i)You can do yoga asanas (poses) in the later day after 3-4 hours of a meal.

(ii)You should only do Pranayam on an empty stomach in the morning.

4. Choose a clean and airy place.

5. Use a mat or carpet to sit.

6. Wear light and comfortable dress. The tight dress will not allow you to do Yoga properly. It creates difficulties.

7. Yoga should do in this manner- first Yogic shuddhi kriyaen, Yogic sukshamavyayam, asanas, pranayama and then prayer or meditation.

8. Yogic shuddhi kriyaen are very important before asanas and pranayama.

9. Don't talk while you do yoga. Focus on performing and breathing.

10. A Yogi have to take a right diet or meal. If you eat bad or unnecessary then it is not good for you.

11. Yoga asanas should be performed slowly, time and number of asanas a day should be increased slowly.

12. Learn or understand aasans and pranayama properly before you practice it. It is better to do under the guidance of a  teacher. As it is a scientific process. Avoid doing yoga by self if possible.

13. If you feel light, better and energetic after Yoga then understand you are on the right way.

14. Don't do Yoga to show off. Think about yourself.

15. During asanas and pranayama, don't control the flow of urine and stool if you feel.

Final Review

You do not need to stick to these points you can use your own mind to understand or If you find difficult to understand. It's your body what you feel you understand better. I just try to help you as I can. The only thing you need is to aware of yourself. You can do what you feel better and in the way you want. Please don't feel anything long hard you just start, believe yourself you will do better.  Everything has its own pattern. But yes everything is easy if we believe.

Thanks for the reading.

If you have any suggestions then please share.

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