3 Foods which you have to control, to eat yourself

3 Foods That You Should Avoid, If You Want A Better Health

After seeing the above the picture, you are able to identify that these foods are salt, sugar, and oil.

The reason behind I am telling you to control or avoid these foods is that, consuming these food items without knowing their nutrition and their effect on the body causing major problems such as obesity, diabetes, heart diseases, high cholesterol, insulin problem etc.Millions of people around the world suffering from such problems. If you are one of them, then read this post carefully. If you are totally healthy that is excellent, but even after that, you shouldn't avoid reading this post.

Basically, these are the items for which we can't control ourselves to eat. Why? Because they give a delicious taste to our tongue. But eating just for the taste and not thinking about nutrition which the body actually needs is the root cause of all diseases. Means for a few inches of the tongue, we sacrifice the whole body. It is an injustice to our own body.

Let's now talk about each of these foods separately on, how eating these items in excessive amount everyday harms us, and what solution we have for this.

3 Foods to Avoid

Do you know that salt contains sodium? And what is the need for sodium in our body? Sodium plays important role in enzyme operations, muscle contractions, maintains fluids, improve heart performance, helps in glucose absorption, control blood pressure, maintain acid-base balance etc.

Now, look at what excess amount of sodium can do in your body?

It creates health problems such as kidney stones, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, strokes, can also harm bones and can lead to heart failure.

All salty packed foods available in the market for example chips, bhujia, pancakes, burger, sandwiches, cheese etc. contain a high amount of salt. People not look at their nutrition and become busy in getting a taste. Are you in that group? Be aware know.

Solutions: Avoid the use of packed, fried and fast food items. Daily safe limit of salt intake is( 2300 mg), so, don't cross. Take salt in healthy food items. Also, note, don't avoid it completely, consume in safe limit.


There are two types of sugar 1. Natural sugar that we get from natural food items like fruits.2.Artificial or man-made sugar which we regularly use in our daily foods.

Instead of taking natural we are again consuming artificial sugar in high amount daily. For its sweetness, we consume it in sweets, cakes, chocolates, cold drinks, packed juices etc.

People mostly who have obesity eat these foods items and after that, they suffer from dangerous diseases like insulin resistance, diabetes, heart disease etc.

Note that extra sugar in the body converted into fat and result in obesity.

The artificial sugar doesn't contain any nutrition. Wheres as the natural is safe for our health and have nutrition.

Now what you should do: Start consuming natural sugar from natural foods. Cut your artificial sugar intake. For men, the safe amount is  37.5 gm or 9 teaspoons per day, and for women, the safe amount is 25 gm or 6 teaspoons per day.


Also, give a delicious taste to the tongue. But very harmful also. Do you know how many types of fats are?

There are three types of fats:

1.Saturated fat.

2.Unsaturated fat

3.Trans Fat

Saturated and trans fat is bad for health whereas unsaturated fat is good for health. Unsaturated fat is divided into two fats 1. Polyunsaturated fat 2.Mono unsaturated fat. Most people consume a high amount of saturated and trans fat which cause a rise in bad cholesterol and results in heart diseases. Also, lead to obesity.

3 foods to avoid

Mostly saturated fat is obtained from animals source ghee, butter, cheese, fatty milk, meat are its examples. Source of trans fats are cakes, pastries, biscuits, sandwiches, burger, pizza, candies,ice-creams, fast foods etc. Examples of unsaturated fats are olive oil, avocado, soybean oil, nuts, flax seeds etc. These are plant-based. Bad fats cause health problems for all ages of people.

The solution to this: Avoid packed food items, fried, sweets and all kind of fast foods. Start consuming healthy unsaturated fat. Note that the daily safe limit of fat is 30 to 60 gm.

Look at these points:

•Eating these foods items in high amount is the main reason why hospitals are so flooded.

•Millions of people die per year because of the high level of salt, sugar, and fat.

•Markets are flooded with unhealthy foods. Companies tell consumers that their foods are healthy and nutritious but that is only a few percents. In Reality, they are not so healthy. They made such foods because we demand. If we start to eat healthily and become conscious of our health then companies would also make healthy foods.


1. If you want to live longer, healthy and young then stop eating for the taste and start taking right nutrition for the body.

2. Carefully read nutrition facts of foods you consume.

3. Don't ignore this information because health problems occur slowly that we can't easily see.

4. Take action for good health.

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