5 Best foods to start your day

5 Simple  Indian foods to start your Day

Do you know how your breakfast is important to you?. It is important for your good health and fast metabolism. If your metabolism will be not fast then definitely you become obsess and unhealthy person. Do you know why most of the uncle, aunties even today our 'big bro's also having a big tummy Why this happening because they are either not taking the right food for breakfast or they do not take breakfast. Most people only drink a cup of Chai for breakfast. Which is totally bad for their health.

If you are not conscious of your breakfast then you know what will happen. You will become a victim of problems. But if you don't want this and want to be conscious of your health and decided to have a good healthy breakfast then I appreciate your decision. But don't know what healthy to eat in breakfast?

Don't worry I going to help you with this. Breakfast is an essential meal of our day and it should have all essential nutrients.   They are usually available at your home. These are simple and light food items and are rich in essential nutrients and will boost your metabolism and will keep you energetic for the whole day. They will also help you to lose your tummy and make you live as a young person.


These both are common foods but eating them together provides all essential nutrients plus micronutrients

to our body. Chapati which is a whole grain contains complex carbohydrate and provides energy for a longer time.

You can also add some flaxseed powder for a great test. Adding flaxseeds with milk and chapati can boost your metabolism 2x.


 Combination of these items is a Perfect breakfast. Oats contain the perfect amount of carbs, protein, fat and dietary fibers. It also contains healthy fat. Also, it is a perfect post-workout meal. If you have very less time to cook your breakfast then this is the good option for you. Both will take only  7 minutes to be ready to eat.


If bananas are always available at your home, you can instantly ready your best breakfast. Milk+banana is easy to digest and also a perfect breakfast. Banana contains fiber, potassium, magnesium, copper, carbs, protein, manganese and vitamin B6. It also helps you to lose extra fat fast. Banana with milk digests easily and improves digestion. Also can boost your low metabolism.


Now there is another best breakfast. Curd contains healthy lactose good for stomach(gut) health. The curd is also said Elixir(Amrit) for the gut. It helps in loose fat. Also, manage weight. Having chapati with keeping you full stomach and you do not feel hunger until your next meal. Both keep you young and active.


Properly cooked pulses with less oil and masala also a  very good breakfast. You can eat pulses with chapati or curd. It also helps to lose extra fat and balance weight. After eating pulses you not feel hungry for a longer time. Pulses are also healthy for cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Good for metabolism.

Hope you got help and are going to have a good breakfast every day. If these food items don't suit you or not available then you can go for other healthy breakfast. That is what to need.

To have better health you should include such foods in your breakfast. I guarantee those who are getting their tummy out can call it for return.

At the end

I am not a nutritionist. But I love to share knowledge to help people.

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#5 simple Indian foods

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