5 Tips to protect your eyes from smartphone screen

Increasing use of smartphones for a long time is also leading eye problems. Many start their day by checking the phone and also end their day after checking the phone.  The phone may remain with you 24 Hrs. Those who stick to their smartphones' screen usually fall in trouble with eye problems. You might or might not be one of them. There may be many reasons that you need to use your smartphone for a longer time. It may be important for you. But you also want to care for your eyes. You want to keep your eyes spectacle free and healthy. And you are looking for some tips to care eyes.

To help you I am going to share you with some easiest tips for keeping eyes healthy and spectacle-free. I am also using these to care my eyes and they are helping me. And can also help you to protect your eyes from laptop and pc screen as well.

Tip no.1

•Blink your eyes frequently. You can also blink after every five 5 minutes.

While using the smartphone or sitting in front of pc you forget to blink your eyes. That creates a heavy load on eyes. Unblinking can also cause infection to eyes. Eyes are linked to brain and straining of eyes can cause a headache also. Continuous unblinking also makes eye lens hazy. So it is very important to blink eyes.

Blinking of eyes will help you from eye strain. It will prevent the focus of smartphone light on your eyes. And that prevents the damage to eyes. Also blinking of eyes provides good exercise to your eyes. And they stay active. I am also blinking eyes while writing this post.

It may take time to you to bring this in practice.

Tip no.2

•Try to keep your smartphone 30-35 cm away from your eyes.

This can reduce the harmful effect of the smart phone's screen to your eyes many times.

Tip no.3

•Use a good eye protection app. I use (night mode-blue light filter, eye protector) Keep glare dim. But not too.

A good eye protection app can also contribute to the protection of your eyes.

Tip no.4

•Wash your eyes with cold water after 2 to 3 hrs. This tip works better than all.

Washing of eyes 2-3 times can make your eyes very healthy. This improves your quality of vision.  Good for all eye parts.

Tip no.5

• Put rosewater or good eyedrop into your eyes at bedtime

Rose water will keep your eyes healthy and will also provide many eyes health benefits to you.

One additional/ bonus tip

Tip no.6

• Exercise your eyes in the morning.

To keep my eyes healthy I also do exercise in the morning. You can follow this. It's very simple.

Exercise: It has 5 steps

Before start sits down, keep your back straight or you can do while standing.

Step.1.Keep neck straight and look up and then down. Repeat 2 to 4 times.

2. Now look at right and left sides. Repeat the same time. Only move eyes.

3. Now, look at the place between your eyebrows. Repeat 2-4  times.

4. Now shrink your eyes for 1/2 to 1 minute. Repeat 2-4 times. Don't put too much pressure.

You should be comfortable while shrinking eyes.

5. Finally, rub your palms and place on your eyes, keep eyes closed. Remain in this for 30 seconds.

It's complete. Now you can repeat it. You can do it for 5-7  minutes daily.

This exercise will improve blood circulation in your eyes. Also will make your eyesight good and  improve eye size as well


If you follow these tips or even 2-3  tips you can protect your eyes and keep them healthy.

Hope you enjoy eye tips

What you think about the exercises I shared, tell me.

Thanks for reading.

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