Banana:For weight gain and weight loss

 weight gain and weight loss
If you are trying to gain or lose weight. You have tried many options but didn't get any results. You also tried the banana, but this time also you didn't get any results. This happened may because of wrong procedure of eating the banana. You may have by mistake eaten banana for the weight gain instead of weight loss and vice-versa. Or maybe you are time going to experiment with banana and for this, you have taken the right decision to search and find the right method to do this. As you have read the title of the post, you should be clear that banana work for both weight gain and loss.

I am going to tell you about,  how to consume banana for weight gain and loss. Please note that this method is prescribed in Ayurveda. And there is a greater chance of getting what you want with banana. You need to follow the method properly. Before going along with the procedure you should carefully notice or observe your first 2 weeks of the experiment. This will make you able to know whether the procedure is going well for you or not. This observation will save your time.
1.Weight gain with Banana:

 weight gain and weight loss
To gain weight with banana you need to consume 2 to 3 banana every day. Make sure you eat bananas after 1-2 hrs of your breakfast. If you will eat a banana before breakfast or as breakfast then you will lose weight, so avoid it. You can also have the banana shake. You will also need to eat full stomach healthy meal. If you think only banana will increase your weight, then this will be wrong. You will also need to support the banana with the full healthy meal. And banana will definitely work for you.

Please don't eat unhealthy food it will cause fat gain. Also, don't eat the banana at dinner or after it.


If you want to gain weight faster then can also you should do some strength exercises.  Consume banana before and after exercise.

2.Weight loss with Banana:

 weight gain and weight loss
To lose weight with banana is a little easier than gaining weight. You need to eat bananas on an empty stomach, means before breakfast. You can also eat the banana as breakfast. For breakfast, you can consume 2-3 bananas. Not more than this, they can cause constipation to you. Don't forget to eat the pulp of the banana peels also. This will help in losing fat faster.

As I told you to observe your first 2 weeks of this experiment if you see any good result, whether you only able to lose 1/2,1 or 1.5 kg then don't demotivate or quit. It's a good result. As your body gradually became fatty then it will also gradually lose the fat. It will not be magic of one night. But maybe of some nights. Under good results keep this experiment continue after 2 weeks also. Until you lose the desired weight. With the weight loss, the banana will also help you lose extra fat.

Note:  Don't cut your diet. Eat proper healthy food but not too much. Eat as enough as body require. For faster results do Cardio workout every day. You can't be lazy.
Banana had proved for weight gain weight loss for many people and it can also help you to get your goal.


Banana works for both for weight gain and weight loss also. You need to consume the banana in the right way. Understand the way properly and then follow. You also need to consume a good healthy diet. Take small meals instead of taking 2-3 big meals. Don't skip breakfast. In weight gain drink full water.

Thanks for reading.

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