Best herbal substitute of sugar

Excess consumption of sugar has become the major problem for people around the world. Overconsumption of sugar making the health of people worsen. It causing high Bp, obesity, diabetes, insulin resistance, heart problems... Sugar gives you nothing but acts as a drug to which they get addicted. Once a person gets addicted then it's not easy to come of this addiction. To get the sweet test people to try artificial sweeteners and believe that that will be good for them. But that is not true. Instead they also bad for their health.

If you are also facing such problems and may also not facing such problems. But want to get the best substitute of sugar for better health. Then you have landed at the right place. Nature has given plants for all kind of health problems. And it has also given us natural sweetener as well. And I am going to inform you about that natural substitute of sugar. That will solve your problem related to eating sweet foods. You will go through the highlights.


1. What is that substitute?
2. What are its benefits and disadvantages?
3. Who and how much can use it?
4.Where to get.

1. What is that substitute?

As you can see in the photo that substitute is STEVIA. It is completely a natural herb, not grown in any laboratory. Its scientific name is (Stevia rebaudiana). It has many other names like mitthi tulsi, Chini tulsi and Chini pati in Hindi. Honey leaf, candy leaf, and sugary leaf are its English names.

Stevia herbal is a very sweet plant. As plant form, it is 200-300 sweeter than sucrose(table sugar that we use ). And its powder is 40 times sweeter than table sugar. Also, it has zero calories. That is the great thing. It is a gift of nature. You don't need to worry about any calories.

This plant is a shrub. It is native to Guarani Indians of Paraguay. Earlier it had primarily grown in Paraguay, Japan, and Brazil. Now it is grown in tropical and subtropical parts, all around the world. It is also grown in India in several states. You can even plant it at your home and can take sweet taste teste without any worries.

2. What are its benefits and disadvantages?

It has many benefits:
•Very helpful for diabetic patients.
•Good for high blood pressure.
•Maintain body weight. (If weight is more it help in lose it)
•Regulate heartbeat.
•Help in proper insulin function.
•Helpful in Osteoporosis.
•Control bad cholesterol.
•Increase sodium secretion & urine output.
It is herbal natural sugar, it does not act like a drug on the brain as sucrose.

It has almost no disadvantage. But eating too much is not good. Too much is always bad of all things.

3. Who and how much can use it?

Anyone can consume it. 4 my to 8 mg per kg of body weight per day. Note it is good to buy stevia in dry leaves and power form. Don't buy in liquid form.

4. Where to get?

In India, it can be found in herbal product shop, grocery shop or in (Pansari ki Dukan). If not possible to get offline then you can buy from Amazon. Click here to get it now. While buying online make sure you choose either powder form or dry leaves. Leaves are better than powder. But decide as per experience.

Conclusion :

You can fulfill your desire of eating or drinking sweet things. It is super healthy. But eat as the daily recommended dose. Don't consume liquid stevia.

Visit here. to read more about stevia.

If you want to consume fresh stevia then you can also grow Stevia in your garden. If you have taken this decision I appreciate you.
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