Do you know? you need to avoid the use of aluminum for wrapping andcooking food items.

It did not become the too old,  the use of copper utensils in many countries of the world. Many wise people advised using copper utensils as it has many health benefits.  But in cities copper has been replaced by the aluminum. Because of its large production and cheap rate, it is easily available to the population.
Today aluminum is increasingly using in hotels, restaurants, and kitchens.  Due to its malleability and good conduction of heat. That keeps the food warm for a longer time. And also believed to be fresh.

You might be using aluminum foil or utensils to wrap or to cook food. You believe that the food you put in aluminum foil will be fresh, warm and good for health. This is something right. Mothers mostly pack the tiffin of their children for school with aluminum foil. Do you also know that wrapping food items with aluminum is also bad for your health? You might not know or believe in this. May you have not seen or noticed any bad effect. But the reality is that it is bad for health if it seeps into the food and goes into your body.

Here I am going to inform you about some bad effects of aluminum on health.  And also some solutions and alternatives for protection from this harm?


•How to it is bad.
•Solutions or alternatives

How it is bad:

When we wrap aluminum foil on hot food items to keep them warm, at that time the aluminum can seep into the food and mixed with it. Same also when we cook food in aluminum pots, the layers of aluminum get mixed with food. As aluminum is a metal if spicy or acidic food like pickle stored in aluminum they reacts with aluminum and creates toxic substances.

If aluminum is mixed more than the safe limit it can cause problems for the brain. It affects the brain function, also it reduces the growth rate of brain cells.

It also causes muscle pain, stomach pain, dry mouth, convulsions, loss of appetite etc. Studies suggested that high intake of aluminum may cause bone disease and renal impairment.

Research has found a high level of aluminum in the minds of Alzheimer's patients. Excess of aluminum in the body stores within the brain.

However, it is safe to use aluminum foil and pans frequently because it will prevent excess intake of aluminum going into your body. If aluminum is part of your daily life then you should read below for its solutions and alternatives to stay healthy.

#Solutions or alternatives:

•Aluminum is good to wrap cold food items, but not for much longer time. As food may be stale.

•You can wrap hot food items but make sure you first wrap the food item by other things. Like by butter paper, muslin cloth. And then you can wrap aluminum, it will keep food healthy as well as hot.

•Avoid cooking food in aluminum pots.

There is an alternative for this that you first boil water in a pot several times and then use it.As there will be a layer deposited on aluminum. Bottom line is that you should not cook food in aluminum. Use stainless steel pots.


Do not wrap hot food items with AI foil directly. For this first wrap, it with other safe things and then wrap AI. Do not store spicy and acidic foods in AI. You can easily store cold food items in AI foil. Frequent use of aluminum pots for cooking could be safe. Like after a gap of 14-15 days. Avoid direct use of aluminum every day. If this not possible don't forget to use alternatives.

I hope it will be helpful for you.

Thanks for reading.

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