Indian Sweets and Namkeen: Good or bad for health?

Indian Sweets and Namkeen

 Do you like to eat Indian sweets and namkeen? Do you feel them so tasty and delicious?  You get water in the mouth when hearing the name of Indian sweets Isn't it right? If your answer is yes then you are actually right. Indian sweets are very delicious and namkeen are very pungent. They have amazing taste. They cooked for hrs slowly with the love and when they come in the mouth we fall in that sweet taste. We wait for the festivals to come so that we can eat sweets. Sweets are our traditional foods. We consider sweets as well being also. When something good happens in our we celebrate with sweets.

Do you know what the nutrition sweets contain? And whether they are healthy or not? You might not think. Who can think while having the delicious taste? But you need to know that this the question of your health? If you are health conscious then should read this full post. Further, you are going to know all about the sweets. The nutrition they contain and their impact on health?

As you already know as the population is increasing the quality of food is decreasing. Different methods are being used for large production to fill the need of the people. Due to this, we need to be more conscious of health. We need to look at the food we are consuming. This also strongly applies to sweets. If you are a sweet lover, your mind may be changed after reading this post. We will look at both sweets as well namkeen.

Indian sweets good or bad for health:

Indian Sweets and Namkeen
It may be unbelievable for you if I tell that sweets are not good for health. But this is true. Why?  Because they are made of full of sugar and saturated fat.  Only have a very little amount of nutrition. which is almost nothing. Sweets have a greater amount. of calories as they are cooked with the ghee. Ghee is also added to a large amount to make sweets more delicious.

Also,  sugar is added in high amount. Without sugar, sweets are not sweets actually. But this lot sugar can give you trouble. The high amount of ghee in sweets can cause you to gain fat which is good for health. Further, the lot of sugar is home to problems.

As I told you in my earlier blog post on nutrition that artificial sugar doesn't contain any nutrition. It is bad for health. If we talk about saturated fat it is also bad for Health. It is bad fat. The more you eat sweets, more you become unhealthy. Sugar and saturated fat cause many health problems. Including cardiovascular disease diabetes, and insulin resistance are major problems. Sugar leads to obesity and saturated fat increase bad cholesterol.

They cause other health problems also. They take you the doctor.

You may say that ghee is good for the health. Yes, you are right but in a limit. But you also need to look at the quality of ghee. Even today desi ghee is not coming good. Shopkeeper claim that sweets are made of desi ghee. Do you really know that is it true? You may eat more sweets by hearing this name. But you need to be aware.

Final review:

It is okay to eat homemade sweets occasionally but in the limit. Avoid shop made sweets completely. Ghee has good health for when consuming in the limit, even daily and quality matters. But sugar doesn't have any nutrition.

Namkeen good or bad for health:

Indian Sweets and Namkeen

Now Namkeen is another food on which you may be lost your control. But again this food is also unhealthy. Namkeen or Bhujiya makes with oil, salt, besan, and spices. But here a lot of oil and salt use to make nankeen. When you eat namkeen you consume unhealthy oil and salt above the limits. The oil while making bhujia keep boiling that is not good. Moreover, nankeen contains transfat which is very bad for health. Bad fat increase bad cholesterol. And cause heart diseases and stroke. Consumption of more salt raises your blood pressure.

Final review:

Namkeen or bhujia don't give you any benefits. Instead of this, they can make your health worse. Avoid buying namkeen from shops. It is ok to eat homemade namkeen with good oil and a proper amount of salt in limit occasionally.

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