Indian Tea (Chai):Good or bad for health?

If you are outside from India then keep reading this post you will find something more within India Tea (Chai) topic. And you are here it means you love to drink Chai or want to know whether it is healthy or unhealthy, so for both cases keep reading. The post will be with Indian examples.

Majority of our Indians love to drink Tea(Chai). Their day starts with a cup of Chai.  Most of them can't imagine the day without Chai. Some of them like to take the sip of Chai with the newspaper. They are addicted to the Chai. And it became our tradition to ask for or serve chai when someone come to our home or when we go to someone's home.

Do you know whether the  Chai(tea)  is good or bad for your health? You may know or may not know clear. No problem if you do not know. In this post, I am going to tell about Chai. (Indian Tea). Whether it is good or bad for health? 

The quality of chai is decided by the ingredients we use to make chai. And as per the ingredients. It has both sides. It is healthy but also it is unhealthy. Don't be so happy reading the word" healthy". It can also give health problems which we not able to detect. I don't want to make you said. But just inform you. Read this post completely to know this. Firstly we are going to talk about its benefits and then after we will discuss it harms and the reason behind it.

Ingredients of Indian Tea (Chai):

See the  list of ingredients we use to make  Chai


2.Black tea leaves





8.Back pepper
9.Sugar etc.

Do you know what benefits we get from all these ingredients? We get benefits from all ingredients, left sugar only. Left sugar and black tea leave other products are totally healthy no doubt as they are completely natural. Where sugar and tea leaves are partially prepared by humans.

Chai health benefits:

•Tea leaves contain caffeine which helps to stimulate and charge the brain and in the result, we feel energized or less tired.

•Adding Ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, clove and black pepper help against inflammation, fight cancer cells, treat respiratory problems, fight viruses, improve digestion and help to detox body.

•Adding fennel provides antioxidants, vitamin c, potassium, and fiber. Improves digestion and blood circulation.

Now you have read the benefits. Now read the health harms.

Health harms of Tea:

Drinking more tea can lead to problems such as insomnia, nervousness, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and obesity. These problems come from the only and only the sugar and caffeine ( present in tea leaves). The reason for these problems is we are discussing below.

The reason behind these problems:

Drinking tea is safe. But increasing the amount of caffeine and sugar creates these problems. Most of you do not know that the sugar has no health benefits. It only has empty calories. And you do not need any of these calories. But drink it. And why you drink it? The answer is simply that it gives you a sweet taste. If I ask you why you have the desire to drink tea again and again. Or to eat sweet again and again. This is because sugar is a drug for you and you are addicted to it. You are not addicted to Chai, no one wants to drink tea without sugar, even after having so many health benefits. When you eat or drink sweet things your mind feels better because of the drug( sugar).

Because of the better feeling, you drink chai in excess. You also not able to recognize this. With the chai, you not only consume sugar in excess but caffeine also. Then these two things create problems for health. For some people, chai became the silent killer. But as you now knew what excess of sugar and caffeine can do to make health worse. You now need to be aware of it and to limit the consumption of chai. You only need to limit the intake of sugar, the rest of the things will automatically come to limit with sugar. The solution is given below.


Note that daily safe intake of sugar according to AHA  for a man is 150 calories (37.5 or 9 teaspoons) for women it is 100 calories (25 gm or 6 teaspoons).  And the safe intake of caffeine is 400(mg). Go to Google. for this source or you can also check it. If you want better health then start to cut it down from today. It is not easy in beginning but you can do. You might think while reading whether I drink tea or not. The answer is that I not drink Chai. Why? because I do not consume sugar without sugar there is no taste in Chai.

I hope you found info about Indian Tea (Chai) in short words and inspire you.

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