Stop consuming packed beverages now....

If you are a lover of beverages like soft drinks, soda, fruit juices and others drinks. And also if you can't live without them or you are regularly using these things then you need to be aware know. In this post, you are going to know info about packed beverages, which may be useful for you and for your health. Read the post complete to know properly.


1.Why you need to stop consuming bottled beverages.

2. What harms they can cause.

3.What you need to do.

#1.Why you need to stop consuming bottled beverages.

In this section first, we will talk about soft drinks, then packed fruit juices and finally bottled water.

Soft drinks:

Soft drinks are known by various names around the world. Like carbonated water, carbonated beverage, cold drink, fizzy drink, lolly water, soda, pop, seltzer...are its names.
Also, they are known as sugary drinks.

Soft drinks do not have any benefit for your body. Instead, they only worse, your health. They are just made of high sugar, acids, artificial colors, caffeine and some chemicals. As these drinks contain simple artificial sugars, you feel highly energetic for short period of time and then after all energy crashed down.

When this drink come out of your body, it takes away more water and nutrients like calcium. In result, you feel dehydrated, loss of energy and felling of weaker bones. In real it makes you dehydrated and tired. When they go through the processing their natural flavor gets removed. They only have artificial flavor. They are just loaded with sugar, you not able to feel it because of phosphoric acid.

Fruit juice:

Fruit juices are less harmful then soft drinks but harmful. What they have? Only have lots of sugar and just a little flour, artificial color, and some acids as preservatives They have lots of empty calories. They give benefits but the harm is more than.

Bottled water:

What is bottled water? Most of the time it is actually tape water. They are filtered many times. With this, they lose essential nutrients present in. Companies fill this filtered water in plastic bottles that are made of different harmful chemicals like PET or PETE, HDPE, PP etc. These chemicals mix with water and make it harmful to health.

2. What harms they can cause:

Soft drinks:

•As they are sugary drinks, the lot sugar results in obesity.
•Leads to osteoporosis
•Corrode teeth enamel and tooth decay.
•They increase the risk of heart disease,  increase blood sugar level, cause pancreatic cancer, breast cancer,  and prostate cancer.•They make kids and teens aggressive.
•A study was done in Denmark which showed that those women who drink soft drinks were found more likely to give premature birth.
•It makes people older early.

Overall they act like soil erosion for you. You understand I think.

Fruit juice:

Fruit juice causes obesity in children. Make bones weaker and cause tooth decay and swollen gums. Also, corrode enamel.

Bottled water:

May cause hormonal imbalance.

Plastic bottles also ruin the health of our planet.

3. What you need to do:

Soft drinks:

1. Avoid soft drinks for yourself and for your good health. Drink water or lemonade that is better for health.

Fruit juice:

Drink homemade fresh juice that actually body needs. It is fewer in calories and more in nutrients.

Bottled water:

Avoid bottled water. Carry your own water bottle, Avoid plastic bottle use metallic instead.


Packed beverages only ruin your health. They make you older earlier. Avoid them for your own good health. Switch to healthy food and lifestyle.  Drink good for the body not for the tongue. Be a good global citizen.

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