Bandha: Types, procedure, and benefits

Yoga is an art of living life. It's a path that helps to reach the highest level of human life. It makes a human, a real human from being an animal. Yoga changes our internal mental pattern. That mental changes, change a person completely. When I  first time hears about Yoga, I thought that Yoga is a very complicated task. It has so many parts, different types, very hard asanas, different names, different levels like Yam, Niyam, Pranayam...and very unusual types of tasks.

But later on when I started it really, and keep doing it with its way. I found that Yoga is very simple. Actually, it's very joyful and I loved it. With the practice, I found it very easy. Beginning with mantra or prayer then sukhsam vayam, asanas,pranayama and end with mantra or prayer. And it's a regular pattern.

Other than these there is another branch of yoga also like Yogic shatkarma,yogmudra,haatha mudra, surya namaskar,chandra namaskar, bandh and more. So, as title, in this post, I will talk about bandhas. What are they? Their types? How they can be performed and their effects and benefits. Let's start.

The meaning of word Bandha is to join, to bind, to balance. Word Bandha is used because in bandha we hold or lock our internal body parts with Pran Vayu.

By the bandha, we can save our internal magical powers from going outward. Bandha also help us in Kundalini Jagran. Bandhs rejuvenates our internal body parts, So, also internal glands and organs start to function well.

Bandhas are categorized as "Bahya Pranayam".They help us to do Pranayam more effectively.

Basically, there are three Bandhas the Moolbandh, the Uddyan bandh, and the Jalandhar bandh. And the fourth one is Maha Bandh that is combined form of these three Bandhas.

Bandhas can be done during pranayama on empty stomach. You can also do separately.

#Bandha practice
#1Mool Bandh

Mool means root.


Steps: 1.Sit straight in Padmasan or Sidhasan.Put your hands on knees.

2. Now inhale and fill your lungs, then do Jalandhar bandh.

3. Now shrink your perineum part and pull it upward. Keep this position till you exhale.

4. Now exhale and become normal. One turn is completed, now repeat it.


°Help in kundalini jagran.

°Makes your face brighter, makes you stronger. And increase sperm count.

°Makes you young.

°Help with problems related to the anus.

°Helps to practice brahmacharya.

#2Uddyan Bandh

Uddyan means to fly.

Uddyan bandh can be done by both sitting and standing.

Procedure :

Steps: 1.Sit straight in Padmasan or Sidhasan or stand up and keep a distance of 15-30cm  between legs.(You can keep space more or less depending on which suits you.)

2. In standing pose bends your knee and inclines in front. keep hands on your thighs and now exhale.

-In sitting pose put hands again on the knee and exhale. And free your lungs and stomach completely.

3. Now pull your stomach towards backbone. Keep it till you can.

4. Now inhale and relax.

5. Your one turn is completed now repeat it.


°Makes you younger.

°Stomach becomes slim and soft.

°Muscles related to heart also exercised.

#3 Jalandhar bandh

Jalandhar means ' net'.That is called "Jaal" in Hindi.


Steps:1.Sit straight in Padamasan or Sidhasan.

2. Put your hands on knees and inhale and fill your lungs.

3. Now shrink or lock your throat and press your chest against your chin. Keep your hands straight.

4.When you got over just exhale and be normal. This is your one turn. And again repeat it.


°Cure problems related to throat and makes your voice attractive.

°Give you all mental reliefs.

°Makes your intellect pure.

°Keeps the whole body healthy.

You can practice each bandh 5-7 times or even 10 times.

Now we come to Maha Bandha(Combined form)

Steps:1Take a good yoga pose as we taken above. Put your hand on knees and exhale completely.

2. Now do all three bandhas together:

1)Jalandhar bandh, 2) udyan bandh and then 3) mool bandh.

Not understood?

Let me explain

-After exhale first shrink your throat and press your chin against the chest, then pull your stomach and then shrink your perineum region.

Keeping doing till you breathe. And now breath and be relax. So one turn is completed. You can repeat it.


•You get all the benefits of tri-bandhas.

°Ida-Pingla-Shusumna nadis meet together.

°You get many internal as well as spiritual powers.

If you did not start Bangha yet then start from tomorrow. I do not tell you to start just reading this post. You should practice with a guru or you should watch videos on Bandh on Youtube and then practice. You can watch this video to see bandhs practically. It's a good video but it is in Hindi.

I hope you liked this post. Have any suggestions? then please share. I will keep writing such useful blogs.

Thanks for reading.

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