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In my last post, I wrote about women yoga clothing and accessories. Today I will talk about men yoga clothing. .Men are more attracted toward Gym today's. But men are also having the craze to do Yoga. And as a beginner, you may have doubt whether what to wear during yoga. Don't worry I am going to help you with this. I am not an expert but just trying to help you as per my understanding.

Usually, yoga doesn't require any special cloth. But whatever we wear that should be comfortable. But this post doesn't end here, it starts here. You are reading this post it means you want to wear such cloth that should comfortable as well stylish also. You want a glamorous look?. It is not bad. This is the time of glamour and also yoga is being glamorous for the majority of people especially for models and celebs if you noticed. Here  I am going to show you some variations of clothing for yoga which are and simple and comfortable too. You don't have to pay too much money. Some of these clothes you may have already.

We will also have a look at some yoga accessories that are useful for the beginner. Let move to this wardrobe.

Men Yoga Clothing

For upper body
#1.Cotton Yoga Undershirt

We everyday wear an undershirt. But if you wear a cotton undershirt you can wear that during yoga also. The cotton undershirt is good during yoga. They are light and not too loose. And you can smoothly do every yoga pose. You also look good.

#2Cotton t-shirts

Cotton t-shirts are very similar to cotton undershirts. The only difference is that the t-shirt is looser than an undershirt and it has short arms. Cotton t-shirts again best fit for upper body for yoga. They can easily absorb underarm sweats. Keeps you dry and cool.

We end here at the top. These are most comfortable than other apparel available. If you want more variations you can look for more. Many variations are available.  Now we move towards lower body clothing. Here we also need to choose comfort. We can't do yoga like with jeans. I not going to show many but 3 to 4 just for the hint. I am showing all those who are made of cotton. Make sure you choose a good quality cloth. Now, look at some of lower body variations mostly you are already familiar with them.

For lower Body:

 #1.Cotton Yoga shorts/boxers

Shorts/boxers are best during yoga as a lower body wear. Also easy to wash and carry. They not even create any difficulty in any pose. They are very comfortable and easily move with body movements. You should have this variation.

#2Cotton Capri

Capris are also good to wear, they may not provide you comfort as shorts and boxers. Some capris are thin that they stick to your body and not even give any discomfort at the knee joint. Due to stickiness, you may feel some issue if you did not try such capris. But you can try or look for another. Otherwise you can seamless do all poses with them.

Now our last wear is joggers. Majority of us wear them. All are familiar with how they are comfortable. As per their cloth quality.


You can go with joggers make sure they made of cotton and should be fully stretchable. Those who like full body cloth, then joggers are ideal for them.

I think for lower body wear you don't need to go for more. These are good for comfort, quality, and money. And if you want more you can go for it.

At last, we come to our yoga accessories, besides mat .the other accessories are very helpful if you are a beginner. They can help to get your pre flexibility and also can help you to maintain balance during yoga poses. They are also very useful for other use like stretching.

Yoga accessories:
#1Yoga Mats

You need to pick a good quality mat. When you are buying a mat online make sure you check the material of the mat. This will decide your performance on the mat. Picking up a good mat is an important thing. It should hold you during asanas and can handle the moisture. It shouldn't be slippery.

#Yoga Blocks:

If you are new to such things I want to tell you that these things can help you lot. If you know how to use them. Yoga blocks have ability provide you support in a pose. You can stretch your body and can balance your body. Blocks can protect from injuries. You can watch video on Youtube if you want to know how to use.

#Yoga stretchers:

Yoga stretchers or belts are again a good tool for the beginner,   and others also.  They can help you to do very hard asanas an stretches. They work as a supporter. Also surely protect you from any kind of injuries and harms.

#Yoga Foam rollers:

Now foam roller again thing but they should be used carefully. The foam roller can warm up your body. Makes you ready for asana. Don't use it if you don't know how to use it. It may be risky.

And now we are at the end of this post I hope it helps you an even little bit also. If you want to buy them, you can click on the picture of the product and you will be taken to the online store.

You can also buy yoga wear and accessories from:

I think you are ready to buy that which can give you total comfort, relief, and happy feeling.

If you have any suggestions then please share.

Thanks for reading.

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