Health benefits of Yoga

Major Health Benefits of Yoga

 Health Benefits of Yoga

Every beginner wants to know the benefits of Yoga before starting. This is very good. This helps the beginner that what she/he going to get with Yoga. In this post, I am going to tell you the major benefits of yoga, that will help you to clear your mind about the benefits of yoga and may also inspire you to start yoga. But before that, I will tell you the importance of yoga. And then you and I will move to its benefits.

Importance Of Yoga

Yoga is important to become healthy, both mentally and physically. If we are not healthy by both then it is confirmed that we can't do our work effectively. Unlike other exercise yoga help to exercise not only externally but internally as well. It let you have control over the mind. When this happens then the mind which is a dam between the body and soil get broken and mind, body, and soil become unite.  Yoga is important to erase distractions that we face in daily life. To live the life to its fullest friendship with yoga help to achieve this. It teaches as a teacher how to learn from different aspects of life. Means to learn from own experiences of life. That is possible when we are all-around healthy. That yoga makes possible. These are my thoughts about the importance of yoga. I hope you enjoyed it.

Health Benefits Of Yoga

1. Improve flexibility

You all already know that yoga improves flexibility. While doing or holding yoga asanas, muscles of the body stretched and become loose and you see improvement in your flexibility. It decreases the chance of getting injured.  Flexibility is also important to stay younger for a longer time. You might hear that the flexibility of your backbone decides how long you will be younger. This is true.

2. Increase Strength

When it comes to increasing strength, the first thing comes to mind is weight lifting. But yoga also helps in increasing strength in the much better way. In yoga, we need to lift our own body weight, this requires good strength. While a holding a pose your muscles have to work hard for the resistance. This increases strength and also tone the body. With increasing strength with yoga asanas, you also become disciplined.

3. Boost Stamina

If someone thinks that he/she can eat unhealthy food and will also be able to boost stamina. But it doesn't happen. If someone does this then it is a foolish decision. Yoga prefers the 'Satvik bhojan'.  A Yogi/Yogini need to consume healthy plant based and dairy foods. These foods make a complete meal and none of the nutrients are left. When someone does yoga including pranayama and consume satvik diet, body organs including heart and lungs work perfectly, then no doubt, he/she will boost stamina definitely. Also, body cells have more energy and cellular process works perfectly.

4.Makes your body Toned

There is no doubt that yoga can tone or shape your body. All minor to major asanas and exercises work on the whole body. Exercise each and every part. Burn extra deposited fat and also helps to get lost fat. Yoga does all the work of different exercises like Plank, cellulite, pushups, crunches, lunge, wall sit, pilate...

5.Improve body Balance

In most yogic asanas we need to maintain balance in order to stay in asana. This doesn't come from the first asanas we do. To balance the body in asana you need to observe the body and make focus. As more asanas, you do the ability to observe, focus and hold increases. With each asana, the posture of the body improve and when this happens then body balance also improves.

6. Avoid Injuries

If your body is flexible then there are very fewer chances that you get injured during any exercises or sports.  Injuries are likely to occur when you tell your body to get a position in which body hasn't been before. The joint may not have mobility or range of movement to get that position and potentially resulting in injuries. When you do yoga your joints produce a fluid called synovial. This fluid lubricates your joints and provides good movement and flexibility. This way you become able to avoid injuries.

7.Recover Faster

During a heavy exercise lactic acid gets stored in the body and that causes muscle cramps and feel muscle soreness. Yoga helps you to recover from it faster. It increases blood circulations and supplies oxygen to muscles cells. Increasing of oxygen result into the complete breakdown of lactic acid into CO2 and H2O. Yoga also helps in recovery by providing you good sleep.

8. Sharpen mind

Breathing is a very important key factor in yoga. In all yoga types, we needed to be aware of breathing. The more we breathe the more oxygen go into the body. And fresher oxygen means the mind will be more active in turn sharper. You might have realized that while a yawn we take a deep breath. Do you know why? Because at that time our body has a lack of oxygen especially mind. And in that situation, we feel inactive. In yoga, we focus on breathing, we take deep breathes that increases circulation of oxygen and blood. This helps in sharpen mind or fully active and conscious.

9. Greater Intellect

Yoga helps us to see in yourself. To feel what is going inside yourself. As it sharpens mind it also increases the level of reasoning. It helps to develop a deeper understanding. Once you know yourself then it's clear for you to know what is right and what is right. As it said that 'soul is the biggest guru'. That helps to differentiate between right and wrong. Once you know yourself then it's easy for you to understand the world. As the world is created by the mind.

10. Improve concentration

It is easy to describe that Yoga improves concentration. We can also associate with the sharpening of mind. Yoga helps you in improving concentration by reducing internal stress and anxiety. Help you to keep out distractions and focus on a one thing at a time.

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