Post Hysterectomy Insomnia Natural Solution

Post Hysterectomy Insomnia Natural Solution

It seemed that after a hysterectomy a women go through many health complications. Like hot flashes, pain in joints, especially shoulders, difficulty in urinating, insomnia etc. Among these the most common complication for women after hysterectomy is Insomnia. (If you don't know insomnia is a problem in which a person not able to sleep). There are different kinds of medicines and treatment available for this. This problem occurs in those women whose ovaries get removed during a hysterectomy. The problem of insomnia occurs because of hormonal imbalance as ovaries removed.   Rather than a medical treatment we always prefer a natural treatment if possible. Natural treatment has no side effects and it is always best. It may take time.

If you are or your mother or relative is facing the problem of Insomnia after a Hysterectomy then you will get a natural solution to fix this problem. Please note that I am sharing this with my personal experience. But I will also tell you how this solution works scientifically. It's a science-based solution. As we discussed the above problem of insomnia occurs because of hormonal imbalance. This imbalance occurs due to the absence of ovaries. Ovaries produce main female hormones the estrogen and progesterone. Both are responsible for good reproductive health. Progesterone mainly helps in pregnancy and whereas estrogen is important for pregnancy as well as growth and development of the body. Estrogen keeps bone healthy, avoid breaking, makes skin smooth, increase metabolic rate etc.

Estrogen is also important for good sleep. In women after menopause the secretion of hormones by ovaries not sufficient. And then the problem of Insomnia, skin dryness, hot flesh occurs as we discussed above. To treat insomnia, medication available in form meds and ERT. These used to boost hormone level. But this can be done naturally. There plant-based medicines or plants that contains female hormones. For example, Pomegranate contains progesterone hormone and Soy plant contains a high amount of estrogen.


Eight months before my mother also had a hysterectomy, because she was having a fibroid in uterus. My mother told me that when I  was baby her fibroid problem was found but at that time it was not problematic and there was lack of awareness of the family members. So it not had treated. But this problem was growing over the time we were not aware of in this. She was also facing the problem of irregular periods, hot flashes, sleep problems, sweating etc. When I told my mother to start Yoga with this I  identified that my mother having this problem.

I told them to do only  Kapal Bhati and Yogmudrasan. After six months of this, my mother felt that something is moving in her uterus. This was giving her extreme pain and bleeding. May this fibroid started moving because of doing Kapalbhati. I made my mother believe when this fibroid is identified then it also will be treated with Kapalbhati and proper nutrition. But the problem was at its peak and mother was not able to handle extreme pain and bleeding, so then doctors prescribe the hysterectomy and with this, the fibroid was removed. I don't want ovaries to be removed but doctors removed and I was sad.   If we awakened little more earlier then might this not happened, But whatever happened happened.

After the surgery the new problems got arise, the problem of sleep. I was not happy with that and I  started to search on the internet for getting sleep naturally after hysterectomy. And then I knew that as ovaries removed so the body will not be able to make these hormones. I started to find food that contains these hormones. And I found the solution, that worked for my mother. And I going to share it with you.


The solution for this is a natural food and this is soy chunks. As soy is rich in estrogen hormone. This food helped my mother to get good sleep during the night as well as day. You can try this for a week and you will know whether it will work for you or not. Mostly it works.  As it is natural it has no side effects. You can consume 20-30 balls of soy chunks. Make sure you only use soy chunks. Beside chunks, other soy products are not good to consume.

You can also gain progesterone by eating  Pomegranate. You should also provide it to your body don't ignore it. There are other fruits and vegetables also that contain Progesterone you can find them on google. 

Instead of taking medical treatment the natural treatment we should apply first if we have time to do that.  We are a natural product the natural things will treat us naturally and gives us new life. Medicines of all kinds of problem are available in nature, we do not try them because they take time to show results.


Make sure you only eat healthy food every day and no any useless food. Eat only healthy for your body not for the tongue. And also do Yoga if possible avoid laziness. Then definitely you will get good results.

I hope this will help you to get good sleep.

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