Treat your Thyroid with Yoga and healing food

Today our environment, food, and lifestyle have come to the situation where we are getting infected with various health problems and diseases from minor to major. Actually, major health problems do not occur within a short period of time but they become major over the period of time and we do not know about them because of a lack of knowledge and awareness.

 And ignorance or procrastination is their root of becoming major. When these problems start to give pain then we open our eyes, shout and cry. And we got to doctors and hospitals and they then prescribe a Bag of medicines and highly risky surgeries and operations. I think this became the habit. But sadly this is not good.

We are seeing such results because we do not know how to care for yourself and our surroundings. Majority of the population eat for the taste, not for the health. If we become aware of our health and body and become our own doctor and have the friendship with Yoga then definitely we will be fully healthy.

 If people do this i.e. do yoga and have the right food then they will not be needed to go doctors and wandering in and around hospitals. The treatment that yoga can do is not possible by a doctor or hospital. It can cure all types of health diseases. That exists and that will occur in the future. 

Today people are suffering from many serious major health problems. Patient suffering from such health problems have to take medicines for many months and years. No one wants to take such things but has to. But there is a good option available and i.e. if we go with yoga and the right food that body then no one has to take harmful drugs and lay down on the bed.

In Ayurveda, it is said that the food we act as medicine to heal our body. And how it heals this depends on the quality of food.

In this post, we are going to discuss this solution with the problem THYROID which one of the major health problem. And in which some patients have to take medicines for the whole life. How to prevent this and how to be healthy naturally, this your going to know in this post. Don't worry about the word "Prevent". As "prevention is better than cure."

We will cover the post by the highlights below:

#1-What is Thyroid actually?
#2-What types of thyroid related problems occur? And why?
#3-Food that should be consumed and that should be avoided
#4 -Yoga for Thyroid
#5- Conclusion

It is good to understand the problem before its prevention and treatment.
creator: Don Bliss

1. What is Thyroid actually?

The Thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland present in our neck and situated below Adam's apple. It is one of the gland of our endocrine gland system. Primarily our body has two types of glands endocrine and exocrine. Endocrine glands flow secretions called hormones directly into the blood. And Exocrine glands secrete digestive juices and other substances.  The thyroid gland secretes two hormones that are thyroxine(t4) and triiodothyronine (T3).

Thyroid combines iodine and tyrosine(amino acid) to form t3 & t4. These hormones influence the metabolic rate( the rate at which our body burn calories), protein synthesis and physical development. It uses iodine to produce its hormones. These hormones are controlled by the by the thyroid -stimulating hormone(TSH) secreted by the pituitary gland and pituitary gland itself controlled by the thyrotropin hormone secreted by the hypothalamus gland.

2. What types of thyroid related problems occur? And why?

Primarily there are two types of Thyroid problems:

1)Hyperthyroidism: This problem occurs when the thyroid gland produces hormones in an excess amount. This results in a lack of sleep, weight loss, fatigue, nervousness, muscle weakness, fast heartbeat etc.

This happens because of Graves' disease( autoimmune disease), thyroiditis(inflammation of the thyroid), an excess of iodine intake and other reasons may also be. The thyroid gland may swell into a goiter.

2) Hypothyroidism: This is just the opposite of hyperthyroidism, in this the thyroid gland produces an insufficient amount of t3 and t4. This may results in depression, weight gain, heart problems, tiredness etc.  This commonly happens because of Hashimoto's disease(an autoimmune disease) and insufficient iodine intake.

3) Nodules and cancer: Thyroid nodules can be problematic and cancerous. They are the lump of cells. When nodules filled with a liquid called as cysts. Nodules may rarely become cancerous. Their occurrence is not clearly known. They may occur because of insufficient iodine in the body, wrong food intake and may be genetical. They may occur because of autoimmune disease as we discussed above. 

2,.Food that should be consumed and that should be avoided:

I will share with you what to eat and what not to eat in both types of thyroid separately but before then that there are some foods that should be avoided in both types of the thyroid.

For yourself you need to ban all kinds of processed, packed and fast foods -chocolate, soft drinks, biscuits...... this list is long, but I hope you understood. You should all stop consumption of soy products, white sugar, and white salt. Also keep vine and alcohol far away.

1. Food to avoid & eat-in hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism:

A). Food to avoid & eat-in  hypothyroidism:

To avoid

 You should avoid food such as meat, egg, high-fat dairy products. If dairy products do not suit you then also avoid them. In hypothyroidism, you should avoid vegetables such as cabbage, spinach as because they absorb iodine. Also, avoid oils other than coconut oil, and food that contains gluten. For example wheat contains gluten.

To eat

 Eat citrus fruits and other fruits that contain oxidants and minerals. Eat foods that contain protein, iodine, omega-3, and lignan. Consume coconut oil, mushrooms, dry fruits like almond and walnut. Low-fat dairy products. You can eat all fruits and vegetables excluding that lower iodine in your body. 

B)  Food to avoid & eat-in hyperthyroidism:

To avoid

Avoid consumption of caffeine and avoid all that other green vegetables we discussed above. And avoid consumption of high salt food. Use rock salt instead of white salt also called " Sendha namak " in our Hindi.

To eat

Fruits and vegetables like especially pomegranate, amla carrots like that contain antioxidants. Whole wheat, low-fat dairy products. Special seeds that rich in antioxidants and omega-3. And almond and walnuts.

In both types of thyroids, you should especially eat that food including fruits that have antioxidants and omega-3 and vitamins B-6 and B-12. Some are here- amla, flaxseed, pomegranate, turmeric and ginger,  walnuts etc.

You may have some ifs and buts about the foods we discussed above but try to understand as per your knowledge.

Yoga for Thyroid : 

Now we come to our second most important topic:

In Yoga we have both Asana and Pranayam for thyroid:

But before than that, I am going to share with you some very simple but highly effective minor exercises for Neck(Thyroid). These are very that even a child can do without any instructions. So I am just going to tell there name only.

1. Neck bending-  first keep it straight, then move up and down, then after left and right.

2. Neck bending2- In this you need to touch your neck to your shoulders. This depends on the flexibility of your neck whether you will be able to touch your neck to shoulder. So don't be hard. Gently and slowly practice.

3. Neck rotation: Rotate your neck clockwise and anti-anticlockwise.

Now I have six Asana to share with you. You should even practice two to three asana which you can easily practice to get better benefit.

1. Supt-vazrasan.

2. Ardh-ustrasan- In this you need to put your hand on the side of the vest and then bent as ustrasn.




6. Matyasn 

These asanas very effective for Thyroid problems.

Now finally we come to Pranayam which are most effective

So we have 4 easy Pranayam to practice daily in the morning. Minimum 45 min you should practice them.

Here are Pranayam:

1.Anulom-vilom Pranayam or Nadi-shudhi


 Its written procedure is present on my blog you can find or search.

3. Kapal Bhati- powerful pranayama

4. Ujjayi Pranayam- most essential for Thyroid.

Acupressure Point:

You can also use thyroid acupressure point. And if you don't know where then search it on google images will easily able to find.

Now we have discussed all the essential Yoga to treat Thyroid. If you go with the right food and Yoga then surely you will be completely fit, healthy and shaped. By this, you become your own doctor.

Before we end there is a tip for your:

Tip: When you do Kapal Bhati you can also press your Thyroid acupressure point with every stock of Kapal Bhati. It will give you more benefits.


If you have time and if you do yoga and have patience and care what you eat then no doubt you can make yourself super healthy. But please note I do not tell you to do this. Before any action please consult your Physician or Ayurvedic doctor. The post is to help and Inspire you.

If you believe then you...

Thanks for reading.

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