10 Factors that can affect your health seriously

Today I will talk to you about the factors which are seriously affecting your health. May these factors not affecting you in the present but in future, they might affect you. So, its good for you also to read this post and get knowledge about it so, that you can avoid it and also aware others. Today we have such a type of environment and lifestyle that enforcing these factors to result in many health problems. 

These factors will help you know why many serious health problems occurring. Here you may make your mind that "Yes I know about these like- pollution, unhealthy food etc." Yes, your thinking is right, you may know some these, but do you know all? Okay, no problem left on me. It is my job to inform you. Make sure you read all 10 factors.

Ten factors that can affect health seriously:

1. Unhealthy and irregular eating patterns

I have talked about unhealthy food in my some earlier posts. Now, this is another term to talk about it. Basically, what types of food and how much an individual consumes can be seen from the body and can be felt within the body by him/her. Millions of people consume unhealthy food as they don't know what are the benefits and harms of that food.

Even some people know what will be the effect of the food on their body but they ignore it because of the delicious taste their tongue feel.

With the consumption of unhealthy food people also have an irregular eating pattern. Some doesn't eat anything for breakfast. And some have breakfast rarely on few days of the month. Some have breakfast but time is not regular. Dinner time is also badly scheduled by the people. Which is not fixed. The overall eating pattern is irregular.

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You know that irregular lifestyle cause health problems. People say eat anything you desire. Do you believe this? If you believe then be aware. Understand how can be eating anything is good for health. If you eat sugar can you be healthy? Not at all. For that, you should know whether that food is really healthy or not. Even today doctors do not say about prevention of foods while you are getting medicine. Because of they yourself not aware of food or don't pay attention. Maybe their strategy to make the patient as a regular customer.

Those who have such unhealthy and irregular conditions can be seen taking medicines. This is nothing but lack of awareness. If you're not in such conditions that is excellent, you can help others. But you are, then you should fix this. Otherwise, with the time you will have to pay to doctors. I mean It can lead to serious health problems.

2.  Tension, anxiety, fear, depression, and negativeness

These factors are the leading cause of mental as well as physical health problems. Whatever we think it affects our body. If you will have anxiety then "how can you be conscious of your health". Your mind will be there. When you have one of tension, depression, anxiety, fear, and negativeness then you can have other symptoms also. For example, if anxiety you may have negativeness. It is not easy to come out of these in today's life. We mostly are affected by these.

But there need a good understanding to come out of these problems. If there are caused by relationship problems then that should be resolved first. But if you're affected by these due to the lifestyle then best and simplest option to come out of tension, anxiety, fear, depression, and negativeness is to sit relaxed for 15-20 minutes in the morning and have deep breathing. Give little time to yourself and spend it with nature.

Another way to come out there is to be religious. I love the prayer with the fragrance of incense stick. I feel too good. Mind become totally calm. It feels like a cool breeze in the mind. These are my experiences and you definitely have such experiences. So, come out of these if you are in as much as possible for you, and have better health.

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3. Pollution

Nowadays the pollution is also one of the big factors that affect our health. And it not seems to be decreased. Increasing count of factories, automobiles, construction activities and also the cutting of more and more trees resulting in an increased level of pollution day by day. In the race of development, we are taking yourself away from nature. How can we live without nature? But there is a lack of awareness. But we all need to come together against pollution. Now we come to health.

You know that increased pollution creating serious health problems. For example lung problems such as asthma, bronchitis. Heart problems and heart failure. And even cancer also. This is proven. It may cause serious health problems that we don't know. And there is greater chance that much more many exist.

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With this pollution, how can you protect yourself? Here Pranayama is the best. Or even deep breathing is also helpful. If you do not practice these then make sure you keep yourself fit with physical exercise. This will keep your organs healthy and active and they perform or function better. Especially the lungs and heart and whole body as well.

Another way of protection against pollution in your hand is to minimize the use of diesel and petrol vehicles. Switch to cycle for short distances. It will give you better exercise.

4. Medicines

This is also one of the most triggering factor for bad health. Here I am talking about English medicines( also called drugs) that you can see written on packets of tablets. These may you or your family member or relative consuming. In today's majority of people are taking drugs every day. Many are also taking from years. This case is with me also. My mother also had taken Thyroid medicine for more than a decade.

And mother was also facing others health issues. And taking 4-5 medicines a day. But when mother started to practice Yoga and consuming the right food the power of 100mcg comes to 50mcg. And other medicines also stopped. My goal is to stop this 50mcg also. But this will take time. She now feels better than earlier. In that decade it was like a part of the food for mother. And this is also might be happening to you.

Think about if you're taking these medicines do they not affect your body badly?. Yes, they do but this doesn't observe. You take medicine for a problem other problems also created. You need to understand that the drugs they will affect the natural conditioning of the body. And make the system of the body weaker. And this will be bad in future at an older age.

So, the main thing is that you need to minimize the consummation of these medicines and stop it. Or try to switch to natural( Ayurvedic medicines). (But first, consult your doctors). They are not drugs. The best thing is that you should start consuming the right food. Remember Food is the real medicine for the body no other. Most of all natural things are food for the body even they used to treat a problem. For example, Ashwagandha(asparagus) increase power and it will be a food but drug will not.

Healthy and longer life are not possible if your consuming drugs( as we discussed above)  every day. They fix one problem and arise other problems without as gifts and I don't when it stop.

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5. Use of Gadgets

The next are gadgets or electric appliances we are using every day. In gadgets, you may be using it too much. This may be a need or just for time spent. But this totally wrong with the health. Think about your eyes and spine. What will happen to your eyes and spine?

You will not be able to look well and you have to use spectacles that you won't like. Next thing is that your spine will be stiff and you will look old in a young age.

I am not telling to stop using a smartphone. It is a need but should be in safe limit.  And you also need to take care of your eyes. Laptop, pc, tablet etc have similar effects.

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Now we come to the fridges and ACs. I know about these so I am only talking about these. Other appliances may have bad effects. So, if you are every day take food from the fridge and immediately start consuming it. Then be aware know, it is bad for your health. 12 harmful gases called CFCs exists in the fridge and they are very harmful to health. Not only they are harmful to health but also for Whole earth. Why is this? So, remember that CFC gases creating global warming. These gases are thinning the ozone layer.

So think how it is bad for health. Keep your food 7-10 in the air after taking out of the fridge. After that consume it. Avoid fridge water as much as you can. I don't drink fridge water. You can also.

Please watch this video. For more information.

6. No Physical work or exercise

Now think for a half sec what will happen if you will not do any physical work or exercise for a month? Definitely, your health will be imbalanced. The extra fat will be stored in your body. And main body organs especially heart will get the decrease in its functionality. Your tummy will also come out. Your joints will not be well. You will lose flexibility. And may other issues can take place that may not be experienced.

In science, it is said that part of our body that doesn't come in use starts diminishing. If you just sit in chair maximum time of the day then, your some joints might get locked or become stiff. As they lose their flexibility. It is very important that you do any physical work or exercise so that your heart functions well and you stay healthy.

If you ignore this then you will definitely see what will happen to your health. Take it serious.

7. Use of things that contains chemicals

In today's everyday life you might be using many things that contain harmful chemicals. Like vegetables & fruits, soap and toothpaste, cold drinks, other beverages, beauty products, medicines, aluminum foils and utensils some food items etc.

And chemical theses items contain entering in your body and creating health problems. That show minor effects in present and may they not be identified but can lead to serious problems in later time.

Be conscious of what you are using. Have knowledge about them and their effects on your body.

8. Lack of knowledge about health & food

Yes, many people have lack of knowledge about health and food. Even those who understand themselves as a genius. But in health, they are zero. Unconsciousness about the food is also a problem for people. It is now time to be conscious of health. You have to do this if you want a healthier and longer life.

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9. Modern Lifestyle

Modern lifestyle responsible for many serious health problems. Like heart problems, lung, mental problems, obesity, sugar, diabetes etc.  It can also be called an unhealthy lifestyle. People are having the desire to live with lots of facilities and don't want any physical hard work. They are eating what they feeling tasty.

Without looking on impact. Also, this lifestyle making people lazy as well. If you are doing such, now time to be aware and conscious and look at what is right for your hearth and you will be able to fix this.

I don't tell you to live as early centuries as it is not possible for all of us. Time does not remain the same as always. But your effort should be always to keep it minimal and focus should on healthy living. Try to avoid things which are not necessary.

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10. Use of Drugs ( Addictive things)

Here I am not talking about tablets or syrups. But drugs or stimulants. Mostly teens and youngsters adults are affected by these. These are not only bad for health but for entire health. Including mentally and physically. Socially as well. I can only say that if you are having the connection then be aware it is not going to be good for health. Health is the most precious thing

We have completed all the factors that affects seriously and creates complicated problems. Tell me in comment box your views and opinions about these factors. Also tell about which factor is affecting you. And what action you decided to take.

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