5 good eating habits

In my last post, I wrote about the 7 habits for better health. Which you can read by visiting my blog page or at the end of this post. In this blog post, I going to share with you 5 good eating habits that you are might missing or do not know. If you are doing something wrong or having little bad eating habits then can replace them with these healthy food habits. These 5 good eating habits can also help you with some health problems. Also can help in better sleep. These habits might make you little more wise and calm in terms of health. Now we move to these habits.


1. Eat food like a child and chew properly

Why I am saying to eat like a child? Because you know that kids eat small bites of food. Small food bites are easy to chew and you can chew them very well instead of chewing big bites that you might ingulf quickly without chewing properly when you are in hurry. Or may eat big food bites that are not easy to chew. Your chewed food affects your digestion directly. Improperly chewed food can cause you constipation and some other gut problems. It can make you feel lazy and uncomfortable.

Improperly chewed food takes more time to digest and digestion process consumes more energy. Those who have the problem of constipation should chew food in such a way that it becomes like juice in your mouth said by the Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev. Chewing food properly can also help you in weight loss. You can use also use the principle of chewing food 32 times. This habit is most important among 5 good eating habits for those who desired to lose weight.

2. Sit straight while eating or Sit on the Floor

If you do not sit straight while eating then this thing is also not good for your digestion and also for your entire health as your backbone bends.  If you sit in a place other than dining table the chance is greater that you will not sit straight and bend forward. But the dining table is also not too good. From the ancient time, our way of sitting during the meal is Sukhasan which is also a  yogasana. As yoga scientifically helps which is proved. As our ancient were so wise then definitely than the traditional way of sitting in Sukhasan is also good for the health. It is our wrong decision that we sit on the chair or another place. It is ok when we are not at home. But you should sit in Sukhasan. It is much better. Or sit straight

3. Eat at the proper time every day

You know that balanced things are always good. This balance is also important in our food. If you eat proper breakfast frequently or at an improper time daily then both cases are not good for the health. You can know this what the body feels when this happens by this example in the next line and you will get the answer. What you feel when you not bath on a day. Definitely, you will not feel comfortable. So, then why you want to give discomfort to your body. Try to eat proper food and at the proper time. Health is important than the work. Without health, we can't enjoy the work.

4. Eat your dinner before 2-3 hrs of sleep

In Ayurveda, it is said to eat dinner 3-4  hrs before bed. As per my experience 2-3 before is also very good. And may depends on the age and health of the person. Maybe 1hr is enough for kids. Whereas a person may need more than 4 hrs. I follow 2 to 2.5 hrs.  It is important that food gets digested while your doing other activities. As you know that during body functions slows down. Then how can your body digest food properly if you eat just before going to bed? A good day starts with a completely empty stomach and you feel light like a flower, Start eating 2-3 hrs before bed.

5. Properly Drink water

Here you may think why I am talking about drinking water?  Because the answer is that food and drinks linked with each other. You can't drink water just before your meal or just after your meal. But you can drink the little amount of water during a meal.  And at what time you will drink water before and after the meal? I am telling. You should drink water 30 minutes before your meal. And at least 45  to 60 minutes after the meal. And if you have eaten the heavy meal than 2 hrs will be best. But normally 90 minutes is best. After 45 to 60 still can cause you gas problem. But may suits you. You can check. Pick up your best time.

At last

Now we have completed our 5 Good eating habits. Hope these good food habits will help you.

I hope you enjoyed it. There are so many things that need improvement in our daily life. But we can treat only we are conscious about them. In later posts, I will try to add more. You can also share your views or tell me in the comment box to inform them.

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Thanks for reading.

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