7 Habits of Lifestyle for better Health

Our style of living daily life affects our happiness. We became happy and sad depending on our habits. Good habits give us happiness and inspire us to think positive. Healthy habits add stars to our health.  We are made out of our habits. Good habits help us to get or achieve what we want from life. Whereas bad habits fall down us and we don't become able to do any progress. They are a blockage in the path of success. But we need to remove these blockages and open better paths for our happiness and success. To become happy and achieve success we need a better health.

For better health, we need healthy lifestyle habits.  As you know my focus is on good health which is the top basic fundamental of life. So today I am going to share with you some very little health habits that will definitely help you to get better health. You will not be sad. These habits are little but they will have a huge impact on your health and you will experience this. You may know "Minor things bring major changes".

1.Deep breathing

Deep breathing is not a normal action. It is an excellent tonic for your health. It has the ability to cure your many health issues like skin problems, hair problems, asthma, stomach problems and many more. It also makes you calm and feels happy. We normally breathe slowly and lightly it means the flow of H2O and CO2 is very less. You need to boost this flow so that your internal organs and especially lungs function well. And you can do this in the morning and pink evening. Make sure that you do this in fresh hair. One more thing we all do wrong that we inhale through the mouth. But this is harmful( Said by the doctors).

When we inhale through mouth more air goes into the mouth at a time than required. And also it not filtered as through the nose. Some harmful materials also enter into the blood and cause problems like dandruff, white hair, gum problems, pain in the chest...If you think that inhaling more than exhaling will be good your health. Be aware this will be not good for your health. It will imbalance your ph level.  CO2 is also important as O2.

What you will do:

  1. Deep breathing in the morning and pink evening at list 15 minutes.

  • Avoid inhaling through the mouth unnecessarily

  • 2. Drinking water

    You may think what you need to change in drinking water. But there is a thing to change.  Wrong timing and wrong way of drinking water creates health problems for present and also for in later ages. Read below to know what you need to do.

    1. Don't drink water while standing. It creates health problems.

    2. Drink slowly, enjoy sips of water. Don't drink in a quicker manner.

    3. You can drink water 30 min before your meal, drink little water between the meal. And you can drink water 1 hr after a meal. If you have taken so heavy meal then drink after 1.5 hrs.

    4. Avoid drinking water from plastic bottles or other plastic materials. Researchers have found that those drinking water from plastic containers become old earlier.

    5. Drink water while holding the container to your mouth just like kids. This will make the temperature of water equal to your body. Avoid freezer water completely.  This not good if you want to be healthy. I am also not drinking since last 2 years.

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    3. Include walk/exercise/yoga

    This habit is essential in your lifestyle for better health. If you are not doing any physical activity then this is totally wrong with your body. You can at least add a morning or evening walk. This will give you amazing results in terms of health. Walk like you enjoy it. You can also do the jumping jack exercise. This is easy. Maybe hard for you if you will do for the first time. Watch here how to do.

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    4. Avoid unhealthy food/consume healthy food

    Consuming unhealthy food habit is being followed by millions of people around the people. And they are having health problems. You should avoid all unhealthy food and replace them with healthy food. It will be a new sunrise for your health. This is the first step toward good health. Walking, exercises and yoga come after it. If your food is not right then none of the health exercises will benefit you.

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    5. Have a good healthy breakfast every day at the proper time

    Your day starts with a good healthy breakfast. Your breakfast decides how effectively and how much work you will be able to do. You might have listened to the line says " Have breakfast like a king, have lunch like a common man and have dinner like a beggar ". This line if for adults only. Kids and teens are free to eat how much they can eat. The importance of this line here is that your breakfast should be healthy and that you can eat full stomach.

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    6. Left your smartphone/tablet/pc/laptop 2 hrs before you go to bed

    I have realized and experience that when I do not follow this then I not able to sleep up to 90 minutes on the bed. But now I have avoided it because it creates difficulty in getting up earlier also. If you don't want to harm your eyes and want good sleep you need to add this habit in daily life.  We make the mistake of giving too much importance to work. But in reality,  nothing is more important than good health.

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    7. Try to live simple

    You may have experience that those people who live in a simple way are more healthy and happy in their life. If I give you an example  Warren Buffet is a good example here. They are living a simple life. You can search on Google. I olden times people had lived simply and they were super healthy and happy. It means simplicity is a key to live happily. Try to live simpler and stay healthy and happy. This dazzling world is just making us foolish.

    Hope you enjoyed these very simple habits and may are going to add them if not added yet. Before we end there a quote to inspire you.

    We respect the health, when we lost it - By Dr. Thomas Fuller.

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    Thanks for reading.

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