24 Most effective ways to care your eyes daily

How to take care of eyes daily

Today in this post you are going to know How to take care of eyes daily with 24 most effective eye care ways. Some of them you will be familiar with, at present, but some of them will be totally new and amazing for you. So, make sure to read the complete post for How to take care of eyes daily without missing any word. I assure you will really love these ways or tips.

How to take care of eyes daily

It will not be possible that you can use all the ways to care your eyes but may 3-4 at most or it depends upon individual to individual. I practice 7-8  eye care ways to care my eyes to keep them healthy and free from spectacles even after I work on the laptop for hrs. Now its time to tell you these 24 most effective eyes care tips to keep eyes healthy every day. Let us go ahead and read.

24 Most effective ways to care your eyes daily

1. Using a Good eye drop

How to take care of eyes daily

A good eye drop can really help your eyes to stay healthy every day. It can protect your eyes from feeling itch, dryness, inflammation, irritation, heat, dust and dirt. Many eye drops are available in the market that claims to be best for eyes but, you need to be aware of them, some can really harm your eyes. Below are a few important points to look at carefully before you use an eye drop.

  1. Make sure you use a herbal, natural, or Ayurvedic eye drop.

  2. Consult a doctor before using the eye drop.

  3. It is advised to use an eye drop within a month once you have opened the seal. Don't use your eye drop ones it completed a month from the day of seal opened.

  4. Don't touch the tip of your eye drop. Bacteria from your fingers can be mixed with the eye drop.

  5. Close the lid of the eye drop immediately after using.

2. Use Rosewater

How to take care of eyes daily

In Ayurveda, Rosewater is said to be good for eyes to keep them healthy. It contains healing, inti-septical and anti-bacterial properties which can soothe your eyes, hydrate them, cool them and keep them free from dirt and dust. It also helps against stress and provides relief to your eyes. You should add rosewater to normal water when you are going to wash your eyes. This can do magic. Make sure you use a herbal rosewater. And don't forget to check the ingredients of rose water as well.

3. Wash your Eyes

Washing eyes every day 3-4 times a day is a very helpful habit for keeping your eyes healthy. As I told above you can also add rose water to your water to wash eyes and this will multiply the benefits. Make sure you wash eyes gently and properly. Using an eyewash cup is a good idea to wash eyes properly. But you can do it with regular way if you want.

4. Exercise

Eye exercises are very important for keeping eyes healthy. And this task can be done at most of the time of the day even you have missed your morning routine. Usually, morning and evening are the best time for exercise. I exercise my eyes in the morning time. If you know some eye exercises that is Great! you can start with them. If you don't know then you should learn it. You can learn from Youtube as well. If you want me to suggest you a video then comment below.

Exercises will maintain blood flow and the stretching of muscles of the eyes. Regular eyes exercise will maintain the size or enlarge them and will keep them young. You can notice those who do not exercise their eyes seems tiny and going inward. So, do at least 3 three excises every day 5 to 10 to your eyesight healthy and better.

Learn eye exercises in this video.

5. Blinking

Blinking is important for the eyes. While we are busy in the T.V., smartphone, laptop, and PC we forget to blink our eyes and stare at them continuously. This is bad for the eyes. It causes dryness of eyes, makes the cornea hazy or look brownish. Foreign particles like dust can enter into your eyes and can cause itching and other problems. If this goes for long it can worsen your eyes. Make sure you blink your eyes properly even while you are using these gadgets.

6. Have a distance from the screen

How to take care of eyes daily

Here I am talking about the screen of T.V, mobile, laptop and PC. The closer you will have your eyes to the screen the more damage your eyes will get.  The less distance you will have from the screen the less focus of light will be on your eyes and thus reduces the harmful effect of white light on your eyes. So, maintain a proper distance from the screen and at least 30 cm from mobile and PC screen. Make this your habit. In this way, you are contributing to healthy eyes for a longer time.

7. Use good eye protection App on your smartphone

You also contribute to better eyesight if you are using a good eye protection app. Here you can adjust the brightness of the screen according to the time or keep it dim. Some eye protection apps also remind you to blink or exercise your eyes when you are using the smartphone for hours. This is the very helpful feature. Make sure you install such an app on your phone if you have not installed, yet after reading this post. I use "Night mode - blue light filter, eye protector". This is not so advanced app. But helpful for me as I use my phone less than an hour a day.

8. Don't use your phone or laptop in Dark

How to take care of eyes daily

You may know that mind secrets melatonin hormone. It tells the brain that it is dark and the body needs rest. As dark(night) approach the mind secretes melatonin. That help in sleeping. But while you are using your phone or laptop in dark the bright light falls into your eyes signals your brain that it still bright and effects the secretion of melatonin. It suppresses melatonin and this result in disturb sleep cycle. The main thing is that you also need a good sleep to keep your eyes and eyesight healthy every day.

You should leave your laptop or phone 2 hrs before your bedtime or at least 1 hour. When I do not leave my phone or laptop before 2 hrs to my bedtime I experience I  am not able to sleep at that moment and have to wait for 25-30 minutes and then I fall asleep.

9. Sleep proper and complete

Sleep also matters in keeping your eyes healthy every day. When you have not completed sleep properly at night you may feel eye burn, itching and redness in your eyes in the morning. It may cause inflammation to your eyes. Lack of sleep can also lead to other health problems too like heart problems. Now it means you need a good sleep overnight. Check out how many hrs you should sleep here.

10. Read at the proper distance

Our elders always advice to maintain proper distance while reading or writing. If you read or write too close to your book or notebook this is not good for the eyes. Initially, you may not face the issue of bad eyesight but in some months if you keep this habit then definitely in a long time it will weaken your eyes. And you may need to wear spectacles. Those students who write read at a close distance have more chances of weak eyesight and having specs. So, please maintain a proper distance and good posture as well while reading, writing.

How to take care of eyes daily -tips continue reading

11. Have Vitamin-A rich diet

How to take care of eyes daily

To maintain a healthy eyesight a good V-A rich nutritious food is essential. External things only can't give you better eyes sight if you don't consume proper food. To look you ryes young, shiny and bright you need the V-A rich diet. Fruits are the good source for V-A. Add such fruits to your diet.

12. Include Vitamin E and C

Vitamin C and E work as great antioxidants. They protect your eyes from free radicals. And other harmful substances as well. You can get Vitamin E from nuts and vitamin C from fruits. So, don't miss these nutrients for better eye health.

13.  Do Pranayam

Pranayams are real and highly beneficial for good health. This is an ancient practice to purify the whole body. There are some Pranayams that deeply work for eyes. Below is their list.

  1. Anulom Vilom

  2. Bhramri

  3.  Kapal Bhati

I  practice Pranayam every day. If you practice Pranayam every day you can maintain great eyesight throughout your life. So, add Pranayam to your daily morning routine and see what magic it can do for you.

14. Yoga asanas

Some Yogasans can really help you to have healthy eyesight. You need them to practice every day. Below is a list of some of them.

  1. Sirshasan  - learn how to do it here.

  2. Ustrasan - learn how to do it here.

  3. Shihansan - learn how to do it here.

15. Avoid rubbing

You should do not rub your eyes. It harms your eyes. While you rub eyes bacteria and virus can enter to your eyes. It also damages your cornea. If you feel itchiness and dry eyes then use a good eye drop as mentioned above. If you are habitual of it then discontinue it otherwise it can worsen your eyes.

16. Look at the morning and evening sun at 15 degrees from the horizon

How to take care of eyes daily

This is being practiced from ancient times. This is a very beneficial or practical way to have always shiny, bright and young eyes. Those who know how to do this practice it today as well. This should be done in early dawn and dusk at the open ground where you can see horizon clearly there should not be anything there. As mentioned above this should be done when the sun is at 15 degrees from the horizon. You should first learn it and then practice. You can do it for 10-15 minutes. Below is one way to do it.

  1. Stand on an open ground and look towards the horizon at the sun the time can be Dwan or dusk.

  2. Look at the sun for a few minutes and then close your eyes and see the reflection of the sun.

  3.  Keep backbone straight and hands be on the waist and now rotate your neck toward both shoulders.

  4. Keep eyes closed while rotating eyes and keep seeing the reflection of the sun.

  5. Now rub your hand and put on your eyes and slowly open your eyes.

This is how you can do it. Please learn it from a Guru before you practice it. The way the Guru teach you may be different. However, it not good to look at the sun for a long time. 10-15 minutes at early dawn and dusk best and enough for a day. This also called Sunbath. I do not practice it as I do not have the facility to see the horizon clearly.

17. Have Good Fragrance

You know that eyes and mind are likened. When you feel stress-free, relaxed and cool your eyes also feel better. A good fragrance relaxes your mind, enhance mood and beat anxiety. Indirectly a good fragrance has a positive effect on health and eyes. How might have noticed that how someone or yourself close eyes smoothly when smelling a good fragrance. So having a good fragrance in your room or on your clothing can indirectly contribute to relaxed eyes. The natural fragrance like that of flowers is best. I also prefer them for me.

18. Applying Cucumber slices

How to take care of eyes daily

Cucumber slices are a good way to keep eyes healthy and fully active. Cucumber contains antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties and V-C that can protect eyes from dryness, inflammation, irritation, wrinkles and dark circles as well. You should also add cucumber to your diet. To get more benefits.

19. Acupressure point

Applying pressure on your acupressure points which are located on your palms and foot soles can also help to cure your eyesight. Some people claim that it can really remove your specs if you practice daily for long. The main thing is that they really help against eye disorders. It is a good practice to care eyes daily even if you are not having specs. You can watch this video to learn how to practice it.

20. Deep Breathing

I practice deep breathing and I know it keeps the body healthy including eyes. Deep breathing at morning purify the blood and boost blood circulation. It increases the oxygen level in the body and calms the mind. When your mind relaxes it also beneficial for your eyes. It improves eyesight and keeps them active. Deep breathing is a great solution to mental disorders or problems. You should practice it for at least 10-15 a day in the early morning.

21. Drink enough water

How to take care of eyes daily

Water is necessary to keep eyes hydrated. Eyes always need fluid to have tears to keep out debris. Eyes clear yourself in this way naturally. Hydration is important to blink properly and see without strain. Water is important for the overall mechanism of the eyes to function properly. So, have enough water.

22. Tratak

Now Tratak is a Yogic practice which comes in Yogic Shudhi Kriya. It is done sitting in front of the burning candle and looking at its flame continuously. It should be first learned from a Yoga Guru as it needs great care otherwise it can harm also. But if you know to practice it then it is a great way to keep eyes super healthy. It can be done every day.

23. Walking barefoot on green grass

How to take care of eyes daily

Our foot has many reflexology zones or acupressure points which are linked with various parts of the body. When we walk barefoot we put pressure on these zones in which eye point also there. When it gets pressed it stimulates and help in improving eyes and keeps them healthy.  Also looking at green grass also soothe and relax eyes. It also boosts the immune system. Walking barefoot also provide protection against free radicals. So, if possible do walk on the green in morning and evening.

24. Healthy Lifestyle

All the above tips can be sum up in the healthy lifestyle. But taking it as a separate tip is important.  It is important to have a healthy balanced lifestyle. You cannot only focus on one particular nutrient for eyes but all others are equally important.  A particular nutrient does the job for a particular part of the body but all should work with coordination. Your everyday habits should contribute to better health and happiness. And finally, I say a healthy lifestyle is also important for super healthy eyes.

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Now you have read the post,  a question may arise to many of you which is given below.

Q. Can these tips really help in removing specs?

Ans- Yes definitely, if you follow some tips every day with complete dedicating without even missing a day. One thing you should note that a healthy lifestyle is essential. In which a healthy diet is most important.

Follow tips as more possible for you. Tell me in the comment box which tips you are going to follow and which are new for you? I hope you have enjoyed the tips on How to take care of eyes daily.

If you have any suggestion feel free to share in the comment box. Most welcome for your suggestion.

Thanks for reading this post.

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How to take care of eyes daily

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