Right Sequence of Practicing Yoga

Here Today I will talk to you about the Right Sequence of Practicing Yoga. This will help you to clear your mind about practicing complete Yoga with the right sequence and getting its entire benefits. I know till know you are confused with right sequence or way of doing Yoga. I also faced this but now I knew it and going to tell you also. Good news! Woo! hoo!

Right Sequence of Yoga

1. Yogic Shudhi Kriya

There are six Yogic Shudhi Kriyas are mentioned in Yoga. As the name here"Shudhi" which means "To clean" or make pure. These Kriyas are important in cleansing the body from any waste and poisonous substance in the body.

These Shudhi Kriyas are:

  1. Neti: Used to clean the nasal cavity. So that you can breath better.

  2. Dhoti: Cleansing entire stomach and digestion path

  3. Noli: For all stomach problems

  4. Vashti: For cleaning your large Intestine.

  5. Tratak: For superb eyesight and calming mind.

  6. Kapalbhati: For shining your mind.

Are you worrying about how you will do these? Don't worry I am telling what to do. I have listed all these Kriya to just inform you. They should be done after learning from a good master. Don't try them if you don't know how to perform.

These all Kriya are very beneficial. But don't need to be performed every day. It's enough to do once a week.

Note: Neti has two parts

  1. Jal Neti 

  2.  Sutra(Thread) Neti

Jal Neti should be done every day. Also, Nauli Kriya can be done every day. It is also mentioned in the Yogic minor exercise in Yoga.

Now you may think which I should do?

As you are new you should only do Jal Neti and Nauli others are not so essential.

Perform Jal Neti and Nauli after learning properly.

What should you do as a beginner?

Only do Jal Neti with the help of water and fingers. And clean your nasal cavity. Clean properly and make sure you are now able to inhale and exhale with both paths of the nose smoothly or effortlessly. You shouldn't feel any blockage in the nasal cavity.

2. Yogic Suksham Vayayam/ Minor Yoga exercises

Minor Yoga exercises are essential before you practice Yogasanas. There are 48 minor Yogic exercises mentioned in Yoga. You should practice 10-12 yoga exercises every day before you practice yoga poses. Note: That they can also be done separately as they are exercises. Their importance in doing before Yoga poses is, to provide you with better flexibility and lighting your body.

3. Yoga asanas

Now you can do your Yoga Poses. Firstly do light poses and then after deep Yoga poses.

4. Pranayam

Here you should first do deep breathing for some time and then do other Pranayam. Here first do Pranayam in which breath you breath faster like in Kapalbhati and then Pranayam with slow breathing. From faster to slower. In this way get the entire benefits. Make sure your nasal cavity or is clean properly.

5. Meditation

As you have completed Pranayam with slower breathing its best time for Mediation.

6. End with Vedic mantras and Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti, Hee..

Now you end your complete session with Vedic mantra and Om Shanti pronunciation. I hope you are completely familiar with it. Or you can do in your own way.

Right Sequence of Practicing Yoga: More Info

You can also practice Pranayam before Yogasans when you need this. Like in summers. And do Yogasans separately/after Pranayam. Do deep breathing before you start Pranayam.

Here I end the post Right Sequence of Practicing Yoga. This is a complete right sequence of Yoga that I have told. Hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading.

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