How to stay active and healthy: 20 Sutras to stay active and Healthy in 2019

How to stay active and healthy

In the New Year, everyone has the desire that he/she has a healthy and prosperous New Year and there shouldn't be any problem or issue regarding health and money. If we stay healthy we definitely can be prosperous. But if our health isn't good than a small thing seems very difficult to achieve. Also due to bad daily routine, food, pollution, and lifestyle, it isn't possible to stay healthy. Problems like diabetes, depressions, weaker bones, heart problem affecting many of us. This new year you're determined to conquer all these problems and learn how to stay active and healthy to stay fully healthy.

 To help you I am  Anil going to share with you 20 powerful Sutras on how to stay active and healthy in 2019. These Sutras will help you to stay physical, mentally and socially healthy and that you actually want. So, let us know these 2o powerful Sutras.

20 Sutras to stay active and Healthy in 2019

1.Daily Routine 

Maintain a good daily routine by getting up early in the morning and sleep early at night. Waking up and bedtime routine should be the same every day. This helps to attain body's natural clock. Waking up early morning also will motivate you to do some physical activities.

2. Exercise

How to stay active and healthy

30-45 minutes exercise for 5 days a week can protect you from diabetes, heart problem, high BP, and PCOD. Releasing of endorphin during exercise will make you happy. If you don't have time to go out then you should do it at home but do exercise.

3. Maintain Body liquidity

To make sure your body functions well you should drink 3-4 liters of water daily. It also flushes out toxins from the body. Lack of fluid in the body can cause you fatigue, headache, constipation. Don't try to compromise with the juice drink proper water.

4. Breakfast

How to stay active and healthy

Your day starts with breakfast. A good highly nutritious breakfast will charge up you to do daily work. Eat breakfast like a king. It enhances your metabolism and digestion.  Consume it as soon as you complete your morning routine and never miss it.

5. Social Connection

With physical and mental health our social health is also very important. We, humans, are social creatures. So, it important that we should have a connection with people in our surroundings. Being social connected keeps you mentally healthy also brings positivity in life. It also enhances your ability to take right decisions.

6. Kidney Health

In our daily life, we develop some habits knowingly or unknowing that can worse kidney health and can create kidney related problems. Like preventing the flow of pee and going it for later. Gradually it can damage the kidney and you may need a kidney transplant. Never prevent the flow of pee and also of feces. Also, avoid those foods which affect kidney health.

7. Sanitation

According to the Indian Dental Association, more than 85% of Indians face dental problems. Nearly 50% people don't brush teeth properly. You should brush 2 times daily. And do it for 3-4 minutes properly. Because the toothpaste takes 2 minutes to start its action. Also, care about the cleanliness of your body and surroundings. Use natural, herbal products on your body.

8. Stay away form Narcotism

Have a distance from narcotics. It can cause 10 very serious diseases.  Including heart and cancer disease. According to a report of the Indian Council of Medical Tobacco have thousands of harmful chemicals that became a reason for 30% of cancer.  Alcohol can damage your liver.

9. Addiction to Gadgets

How to stay active and healthy

Avoid the use of gadgets in the morning and when you are going to sleep. Using at bedtime can disrupt your daily sleep cycle.  Reduce use of gadgets as much possible especially of the smartphone. According to BMC ophthalmology journal use of smartphone cause dryness and weak eye vision. Keeping smartphone very close to yourself always can cause brain tumor because of its radiation.

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10. Self-medication

Completely avoid self-medication. It can seriously harm you especially your liver and kidney. Always talk to your doctor when you have a problem. You can treat short problems like cold and flu by own through home remedy with natural things if you know about it properly. Natural things will not cause you any side effects but pills.

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11. Balanced Diet

How to stay active and healthy

Eating more than you need will make you make you obese. So, it important that you consume a properly balanced diet. According to WHO from 1990 to present the number of obese kids below age 5 years has been doubled. Whereas more than a billion children till today are malnourished. All this happens because of the rich diet too much or lack of it. Always remember that half your stomach should be filled with food, a quarter for water and rest for air according to Ayurveda.

12. Proper Sleep

Every person should sleep for 7-8 hrs every night. It is necessary for a healthy mind and body. According to WHO till 2020 depression can be a second biggest health problem. The main reason for this is tension and lack of sleep. A good sleep protects you from many health problems including the heart.

13. Fasting

Fasting is helpful if you follow its rule. During fasting, you should avoid oily, too sweet and salty stuff. Also, fruits and dry fruits should be consumed in minimal amount. Consuming them more will not give you benefits.  Instead of eating a lot at a time you should eat small quantities in intervals. Coconut water can be taken many times.

14. Regular Checkup

How to stay active and healthy

After 35 years you should have a regular checkup once a year or after every 6 months on doctors advice.  Sometimes you not able to know that you have problems like  BP, Diabetes, Thyroid, Cancer which you may know very later. So, a regular check can help you identify them.

15. Rest

For proper recovery of your body, you must have good rest. In the office after every 2 hrs, you should have a short rest of ten minutes. According to a research in India, 50-60 percent of people face the pain of waist, shoulder, and neck due to wrong body posture. Avoid this and have short rest between work.

16. Stay with Nature

How to stay active and healthy

Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables as much you can and avoid packed. Foe vitamin-D walk or sit in the sunshine. According to a survey, 65% of people in India face a deficiency of vitamin-D.  Do plantation at your home so that you can breathe healthily. Spend 10-20 minutes with nature every day and feel relaxed.

17. With Family

Talking with family members gives you happiness. It reduces tension and bonding with family members become strong. Talking with family also solves your problems in seconds. So,  spend at least 30minutes with family.

18. Habit to Study

How to stay active and healthy

According to sleep council, 39% people say that habit of reading at bedtime helps them getting good sleep.  It makes intellect strong and protects from problems like dementia. Reading self-help and motivational books increase your wisdom. You should read for edutainment, not for entertainment.

19. Creativity

Being creative reduces your tension. It makes new cells in the brain, the mind stays happy. It also protects from the disease like Alzheimer. To be creative you should avoid activity like watching T.V. because it washes your brain.

20. Yoga

Last but not least. Yoga is very important to stay physically, mentally and socially healthy. If you don't exercise you should do Yoga. Yoga is far much powerful than going Gym and another exercise. Because it maintains overall health. As a beginner, you may feel it boring but as you will progress you will find it very interesting.

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These powerful Sutras can help you stay active and healthy and I hope they will. Properly executing them is your responsibility. You have to determined to bring health and happiness to your life this year. Wish you a very happy and prosperous New  Year. Thanks for reading.

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