About me


Hello, my self Anil Kumar. I am from Bikaner, Rajasthan(India).

I am a Yoga lover, student, blogger, and affiliate marketer.
I am passionate about Yoga and healthy lifestyle. I have been with yoga since May 2015. I am practicing yoga since
May 2015. As I love Yoga and that's why I write about Yoga and nutrition( I believe food is the medicine for
the body)

Why you read my blog?
I write what I know, read and love to know about yoga and healthy food. If you are a guy like me who love Yoga and health then you can join my blog. No matter from which country you are.

My background:
There is nothing important from my background to tell you. My focus is on the present to share with you

What others things I do as well:
Well, I also write a blog for students on my site https://coolknowledge.co.in. Where I share cool knowledge with students with the aim to help them to be more productive.

That's all about me at present with transparency.
Thanks for reading about me and giving your valuable time.

I request to support me. Please support me. If you can, give me your 1 or 2 min for your valuable feedback or suggestion. It will not only help me but you also. I here to share with you better.

 You can contact me here: care@yogaandnutrigyan.com

Thank You.

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